Kenshin Moral Code


Five basic rules

  • To defend the homeland.

  • To listen and to respect the parents.

  • To listen and to respect the masters.

  • The husbands should be united, and they should be helped mutually.

  • Only in the bad situations the authentic friends are known.


Five basic attitudes

  • Meditating the acts, we will take conscience and clarity of execution.

  • Detachment and generosity for the spiritual progress. The selfishness drives the people to the contrary goal.

  • The fear is a real feeling, and it exists in all the men. But it should be dominated... this is courage.

  • The authenticity and truth demand to have a single face.

  • To distinguish; to define and to point out the well of the wrong, it is obligation of all " Karate man ".


Only the people of good heart - and strong - they end up completing the ideal noblemen.
Who progress and ascend, they are observed - and wanted their progess - by those that are below. Who are below will always try to knock down who progress. In that difficult WAY, who progress will go developing their intuition, so that every time it will be more difficult to avoid that they arrives to their goal.
Who teaches this ART - DEFENSE should transmit these concepts to form the true " SPIRIT OF KARATE DO "...

... The karateca should always be alert and willing for everything.
Kenshin Ryu