Meaning of Kenshin

The contour

represents a mirror that symbolizes the Master, in the one the students should be seen, in those - in turn - one day the Master will be reflected.


The red color

represents the summer and the fire of the sun, that makes possible the life.


The yellow color

represents the earth - that concluding the summer keeps its heat - making possible that the seeds give continuity to the life.


The green color

represents the wood symbolizing forms of life that will resurge in every spring.


The spaces of white color

symbolize blades of swords of white and brilliant metal, that will preserve us when they fall the leaves (autumn) of our lives.


The golden rays

represent the edge of the metal swords that shine at the sun.


The black color

of the kanjis represents the cold of the winter and the water, that gives the necessary balance so that all the the species can subsist.