The History of Toku In Kan
Sensei Seiichi "Shikan" Akamine had only an Uruguayan direct student called Juan Carlos Ríus (nickname "Sensei Pa Chi"). Master Seiichi Akamine granted the representation of his Karatedo School to Sensei Pa Chi. This is further evidenced by the following picture, when Sensei Pa Chi received the Kenshin Emblem from his Master.

After Master Akamine left the Brazilian Karate Association (ABK), Sensei Akamine created his own organization that was runned by Tadao Saito, before it was passed on to Akamine’s son-in-law, Hidekasu Oshiro.
This new organization was called "Ken Shin Kan Goju-Ryu Karate-do Organization" and its karate style was the Akamine’s version of Goju-Ryu, known as Shikan Ryu.
While in the ABK (1957-1964), Akamine taught the five Godan Katas and ten classical katas [Geiki Sai Shodan, Geiki Sai Nidan, Saifa, Naifanchi, Sanchin, Seionchin, Tensho, Seipai, Ryufa y Takemura-no-Kusanku (also known as Kosokun)], besides some kata of Kobudo. In the Kenshin Kan period he added the kata Kansha or Kanshu (that was derivated from Uechi-Ryu’s Kanshabo or Kanshiwa), Seisan (Uechi-Ryu version), Sanseryu, Shisoochin, Kururunfa and Shuparunpei. In this period too, Master Akamine changed the name of Kusanku (or Kosokun) - at that moment the most advanced kata of his system - to "Kenshin Ryu".

Master Akamine named Sensei Pa Chi President of Kenshin Kan Uruguay, and his representative in the same one. This is consigned in a document given to Sensei Pa Chi by Master Akamine himself.
Later, Master Akamine ordered Sensei Pachi to close the organization Kenshin Kan in Uruguay, and in 1979 helped Sensei Pa Chi to set up a new Karate do School in this country.
Akamine confirmed Sensei Pa Chi as his representative in Uruguay, and he chose the name "Toku In Kan" for the new Organization. Professor Fernando Prieto, direct student of Pa Chi is the current head of the Toku In Kan.
In the Toku In Kan period, Sensei Akamine did some modifications to the Godan Katas, and he added the Chinese version of Kosokun ("Ken Washi In Ryu") to this Organization.
In addition, Sensei Pa Chi created a "Sichi Keri Kata" form, and added it to syllabus of his school. These modifications resulted in the creation of a new style, evolved from the original Shikan-Ryu (Master Akamine’s Goju-Ryu method), that Sensei Akamine named "Kenshin-Ryu", and determined that it would be the karate style of the Toku In Kan School. This is also consigned in a document given to Sensei Pa Chi by Master Seiichi "Shikan" Akamine himself.

Toku In Kan has been developed itself through branches in USA (Michigan and Miami), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), and Argentina (Buenos Aires and Berazategui); and also through JKF Goju Kai (as member of this international organization). The headquarters of Toku In Kan Martial Arts's School is in Montevideo, Uruguay (South-America).


In Goju Ryu style: Kanryo Higashionna à Miyagi Chojun à Higa Seiko à Isumikawa Kanki à Seiichi "Shikan" Akamine à Juan Carlos Ríus (Pa Chi) à Edgar Fernando Prieto Kinley

In Kenshin Ryu style: Ma Fong Tu à Higa Seiko à Higa Seitoku à Seiichi "Shikan" Akamine à Juan Carlos Ríus (Pa Chi) à Edgar Fernando Prieto Kinley