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Dojo Sanchin

Dojo Sanchin in Santiago, Chile is operated by Honorary Advisor to this dojo, Sensei A. Bustamante. Special thanks for his ongoing support and advice.
Dojo Sanchin in Chile is indeed a part of the Kenshin tradition around the world but an independent Dojo that follows the line of Francisco Kamann Sensei (Akamine Sensei’s Direct Student).

Francisco Sensei was a student of Ken Shin Kan in Chile from 1969; when it was still under Master Akamine's direction. And then his personal and direct student from 1980 till his passing.

Sensei Francisco got the permission and support directly from Akamine Sensei, with a name for his school given by Akamine Sensei directly, (Escuela autonoma Francisco Kamann). Dojo Sanchin and this dojo are not the same school, but of the same father that work hard towards the same Kenshin spirit.

Dojo Sanchin can be found on the web at: