Successors of Shihan Seiichi Yoshitaka Akamine's Kenshin Ryu

Master Seiichi Yoshitaka Akamine's influence was well known throughout South America. Shihan Akamine initially founded the Ken Shin Kan. It was a big organization with several leaders in different countries. Shihan Akamine later ordered Ken Shin Kan to be closed, and founded the Toku In Kan. Currently, there are a few known organizations that teach Kenshin Ryu or elements of it.

The Toku In Kan Karatedo Organization, run by Shihan Pa Chi, and now Sensei Fernando Prieto are the official successors of Master Akamine's Kenshin Ryu. Cheif Technical Director is Sensei Nocetti. The Toku In Kan's principle style practiced is Kenshin Ryu or also known as Shikan Ryu. Other styles practiced by the Toku In Kan include, Goju Ryu, and Pa Chi Chuan

Sensei Akamine ordered to close Ken Shin Kan, and as consequence, every leader who didn't accepted that order was expelled. Some of these expelled people continued with Ken Shin Kan, but without Sensei Akamine's authorization, nor support. There are Ken Shin Kan branches in South America, Brazil, Honduras,Uruguay, North America, and Spain who still continue as Ken Shin Kan.
Here in South Florida, we train in Kenshin Ryu as taught by the Toku In Kan Karatedo School, under the guidance and direction of Sensei Fernando Prieto.
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