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Pronunciation of Katas

Additional information on the pronunciation of particular katas below:

Seionchin is the feline kata (for some people tiger, for others lion, for others cat). Master Akamine said that was the kata of the tiger, because "Tora" (the Kami that becomes itself in tiger, or better said that makes its incorporation into tigers) was the deity invoked by the monks who created this kata. However, he painted a lion, and he called this painting as "Seionchin".

The correct pronunciation is Saioncheen, accentuating the last e (pronuntiation of Sai is similar as the letters sai in said).

Ryufa is the universal snake kata. Master Akamine painted a Winged Snake (Dragon), and he denominated this painting as "Ryu Fa".

The correct pronunciation is Reeoofa, acentuationg the letters oo (pronunciation of letters ee of Ree is similar as the letters ee in been, and oo as oo in too).

Kenshin Ryu and Ken Washi In Ryu are eagle katas. Master Akamine drawing an eagle chasing some monkeys running down through the slope of a mountain, and he denominated this painting as Kenshin Ryu.

Correct pronuntiation = Kensheen Reeoo and Washee Een Ryoo (lettter a of Washee sound as letter a of Master).
Fernando Prieto