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Kenshin Ryu Goshinjutsu - Technical Base

The base of Kenshin Ryu Goshinjutsu are the Godan Katas. This is the fundamental base of the system, which is centered on the core of KI and Spirit. The system is designed to be simple, practical, and effective. There are a set of 100 techniques, in addition to numerous variations. Essentially, there are three dimensions to the core, and generally based on the following:
Uke Godan (Five Blocks)
Epi Godan (Five Elows)
Tekatana Godan (Five Knife Hands)
Teisho Godan (Five Palm Strikes)
Tsuki Godan (Five Punches)
The variety of dimensions are: Blocks, Blocks & Strikes, Takedowns, Grabs, & Spirit.
Variations of Blocks include reactionary, pre-emptive, evasisve, and elusive.
As the student explores the different levels of response, ultimately he should demonstrate his own level of martial craftsmanship and artistry.
The technical base is also expressed in both go and ju, hard and soft.
There are also more forms listed in the Kenshin Ryu Katas section, but these are a supplement to the technical base.
In addition, to the Kenshin Ryu Katas, one should also become familiar with the 48 Self Defense Diagrams of the Bubishi, elements of Jujutsu, and Kaze Arashi Ryu's Bubisuru Kata.
There are 3 major levels of growth and advancement in KRG.
1st Level Instructor (Equivalent to 1-2nd Degree Blackbelt) / 2nd Level Instructor (Equivalent to 3rd Degree Blackbelt) / 3rd Level Instructor (Equivalent to 4th Degree Blackbelt).