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About KRG

The Kenshin Ryu Goshinjutsu (KRG) curriculum originated from Shihan Seiichi "Shikan" Akamine's Kenshin Ryu or Shikan Ryu. This dojo's version of Kenshin Ryu focuses on the ju (soft) and aiki (unbalancing) techniques of Kenshin Ryu, as well as vital point strikes. We emphasize close quarter combat. KRG does not claim to be the only way, but a way.
Unlike sport karate, we are a traditional karate system. In fact, instead of referring to our overall style as karate, we rather refer to it as 'Okinawa-te', which is a pre-20th Century reference to the self defense system that came out of Okinawa and the Okinawan people. We try to adhere to the principles of Okinawa-te Bujutsu.
Chances are KRG does not resemble other schools teaching elements of Master Akamine's style. We are unique to our own. Although we have our own interpretation of Kenshin Ryu, we try to adhere to the teachings, philosphy, and spirit of Master Seiichi Akamine, Master Pa Chi, and current teachings of Sensei Fernando Prieto.
We do not believe in competition in the dojo. We do not believe in sport karate nor do we engage in it. We are not a commercial dojo. We do not care whether we have 100 students or just 1.
We mostly train in the outdoors, in secluded natural forestry types of areas, unless we are training in our private dojo. Training is for the 3 Battles of Body, Mind, and Spirit for personal development and self defense.