Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will this help me to defend myself on the street?
A. Absolutely. You will learn easy to learn effective techniques that are designed to bring maximum effect with minimum effort.
Q. But I'm small in stature, can I defend myself against a bigger attacker?
A. Absolutely. The techniques are designed to quickly neutralize the threat, and to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Q. Is this a traditional art?
A. We are a modern training dojo that implements contemporary combat tactics, but also implements the practice of the traditional techniques.
Q. Why do I need tradition?
A. In the event that you would like to learn an art, you could. And if you would like a self defense system to immerse yourself in, you will have it; in addition to, extremely effective self defense interventions and techniques.
Q. But what about this, and what about that, and all the articles on the web, and written documentation and proof?
A. Budo is a path of action. We are a family. We are brothers and sisters. And we breathe budo, live budo, and will die by budo; sweating, training, and bleeding technique. Words are of no importance, other than technical efficiency and physio-psycho-spiritual proficiency.
Q. If I practice another style can I come by and train?
A. Sure thing. Everyone is welcomed in peace.
Q. Are you the only dojo that teaches Kenshin Ryu?
A. No, but we are the only one in the USA that stem from Toku In Kan Karatedo.
Q. What is Toku In Kan Karatedo?
A. Toku In Kan is the karate organization founded by Master Akamine before he passed away. He left Sensei Pa Chi as Successor and Director of Toku In Kan, his final martial legacy.
Q. What is the relationship of Toku In Kan with this school? Toku In Kan, under the guidance of Sensei Fernando, is the Hombu, origin, sponsor, teacher, guide, and advisor of this dojo. This dojo also serves as the North American Branch of Toku In Kan Karatedo.