Welcome (Kangei)

Official Representative Branch of Master Seiichi Akamine's Kenshin Ryu Okinawa-te (Karate-bujutsu) Toku In Kan in South Florida
Principal Style - Kenshin Ryu (Shikan Ryu)
This is an internal goshinjutsu (self-defense) school, devoted to the internal philosophy and science of Kenshin Ryu
Kenshin Ryu was founded by Seiichi Akamine. Kenshin Ryu means "Pure Spirit". and Ryu means "School". School of Pure Spirit. Devoted to the research of Sensei Akamine's Kenshin Ryu. 
  • We also study and practice a series of self defense techniques (goshin-jutsu) that are both classical and modern in application. 
  • We also study and implement techniques into the urban combat setting and scenarios, street self defense, and combat. This is where the classical system hits the streets, and becomes raw self defense. With the introduction of weapons, the rules of engagement change, and we also take this into account.